Boran Group is committed to and are supporting Ireland's Climate action plan

Circular Economy

We see the challenges being faced in today’s market and are ready to take them on with continuous innovation and collaboration with our customers.

We support the circular economy approach which follows a cradle to cradle theory; once an item has been used it is then repurposed after that initial use

How We Do It

Working together to ensure we design packaging that is lightweight and that recycled material is used where possible. Sustainability is at the forefront of our business, ensuring that we meet all of our environmental responsibilities while helping you achieve yours! We will support you in your projects as we continue to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations through a lean approach, keeping these key factors in place:


  • Responsible purchasing
  • R&D for latest technologies available


  • Lightweight Projects 
  • Use of recycled material where possible
  • Collaboration where possible
  • Compostable options
  • Use of organic material where possible


  • Following a lean approach
  • Better efficiencies


  • Efficient transporting


  • In-house regraining


With our own in-house regraining capabilities we are ensuring that all recycleable plastic is recycled and that it is used in new products where possible. Take a look at the process here…


Using recycled material isnt always possible where film is in contact with food, however where ever it can be used in other industries we can ensure it is. Reducing the need for virgin granuals and in keeping with the circular economy. Get in touch today to see where you can make these changes.


The Irish Food Packaging Alliance (IFPA) is the representative organisation for the domestic food packaging producers in Ireland. IFPA is committed to the development of a truly circular economy whereby all plastic products are recycled. Our members are calling on Government to engage with all stakeholders involved in the product life cycle with a view to developing a commercial waste stream for all plastic packaging and therefore creating a sustainable approach to reducing the climate and ecological impact of plastic waste.”

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