Frozen Food Packaging Solutions

Using freezer grade inks and lacquers we can ensure your product will stand out from the crowd.


With recent innovations in this area we have been able to replace laminate film which can be hard to recycle, with a mono material making it a much easier film to recycle while retaining the same glossy quality look of a laminate film. Working in partnership with you we can help develop packaging which will set you in the right direction to ensuring your packaging is as sustainable as possible whilst still functioning to the standards required to protect, preserve and sell your product.

Featured Client: Glenhaven Foods

“For one of our first marketing campaigns that we worked together with Boran Packaging on, the company helped in the design, repro and printing of a successful new line to which is still being sold in all major retailers. 

The response rate was double compared to the previous companies helping in this type of project. In our opinion it has been the knowledge and the creativity of Boran Packaging that resulted in such impressive results.”

– Matt Davidson,  Glenhaven Foods

Capabilities & Technologies


Using the latest mono – layer and co-extrusion technology we are able to produce a wide innovative range of polythene films.


Our Purpose built printing departments are equipped with the most advanced flexographic printers to be found in Europe.


Our state of the art solvent less lamination systems can manufacture a wide range of specialist flexible packaging films.


From slitting film to a number of sizes, to adding hole punches and lazer perforations, we will have a solution for your needs.


Using the very latest bag making machinery we can produce practically any size and type of bag.


Our Purpose built printing departments are equipped with the most advanced flexographic printers to be found in Europe.

About The Boran Group

Operating since 1972 The Boran Group have grown to become leading independent manufacturers of high quality flexible packaging. Our manufacturing capabilities in extrusion, flexogrpahic printing, lamination and conversion process are available at both our Naas and Strabane sites allowing contingency if ever required.

We manufacture packaging for a large variety of market sectors, according to the specific requirements and standards for that market. The industries shown are only a subset of our total offering, but we are convinced that there will be a source of inspiration for discovering new packaging opportunities.

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