Inverness Westlink


April – June 2017


This project involved the construction of Roads and Bridgeworks from Holm Roundabout (B862 Dores Road) to A82 Glenurquhart Road comprising approx. 2.2km of 7.3m wide single carriageway road, 4 roundabouts, a new three span bridge over the River Ness and 2 underpasses all with associated drainage, earthworks, fencing and walls, landscaping, new access tracks/paths, road lighting, car park and coach turning area along with the installation of new services and supplies.

The construction of the Canal Parks Enhancement Clubhouse comprising a new 8 room two-storey changing and clubhouse facility along with the installation of new services/supplies. The construction of Canal Parks Enhancement Rugby Pitches comprising a new all-weather pitch to International Rugby Board standards and two grass pitches, boundary fencing, ball stop fencing and pitch lighting along with the installation of drainage and new electrical services/supplies.

A key challenge within the project was the Ness Bridge Construction:

Ness Bridge – Challenges:

  • Tight works programme for in-river works – 3.5 months only
  • Variable and dynamically changing river flow values
  • Extraordinary water surge from SSE Hydropower Plant
  • Protection to environment during in-river works
  • Maintenance of access to the river for third party users: anglers, kayakers, canoeists, walkers
  • Invasive species mitigation measures in works area
  • Superstructure installation

Ness Bridge in numbers:

  • Overall length 176m (53m + 70m +53m)
  • 4 supports – 2 abutments + 2 in-river piers
  • Composite superstructure – 6 steel girders with concrete deck
  • Steel beam height – variable 1.8 – 3.5m
  • 3750m3 of concrete
  • 1150t of structural steel
  • 590t of rebar
  • 28no. of bridge bearings
  • Works Completion Date – October 2017

Ness Bridge – Temporary Works:

  • 2 working platforms – artificial islands in the river
  • 2000 no. dumpy bags
  • 6000t temporary fill
  • 3 temporary bailey bridges – 12m, 15.5m, 22.5m
  • 2 cofferdams – 12m & 15m deep
  • 800m3 concrete to plug the excavation in cofferdams

Ness Bridge – Superstructure Assembly and Installation

  • Assembly on the ground – 3 months
  • Installation on supports – 2 weeks
  • Connections – 2 months
  • Installation – 9 pairs of steel beams to be lifted:
    • 190t @ 54.5m radius
    • 140t @ 85.5m radius

Installation Videos